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The initiative for Excellence in Production Research, XPRES, is a joint initiative between KTH, MDH and Swerea. XPRES was elected as one of two strategic initiatives within Manufacturing engineering in Sweden by the government in 2010. XPRES will establish a long term internationally competitive platform for production research to meet future challenges of world leading Swedish industry. By complementing each others scientific competences and roles, the unique research and education consortium of KTH, MDH and Swerea covers the fields of Production processes, Production systems and Digital engineering. The industrial partners represent world leading Swedish manufacturing industries including: heavy vehicle, machine, component manufacturing and aircraft.

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Enhancing Smart Maintenance Management Using Fog Computing Technology (Dec 2017)
Mohammad Ashjaei, Marcus Bengtsson
2017 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)

Sustainable and Resource Efficient Business Performance Measurement Systems – The Handbook (Oct 2017)
Peter Almström , Carin Andersson , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Peter Hammersberg , Martin Kurdve, Anna Landström , Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Christina Windmark , Mats Winroth , Mats Zackrisson

Method for design of human-industrial robot collaboration workstations (Sep 2017)
Fredrik Ore, Lars Hanson , Magnus Wiktorsson
27th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2017)

Factors influencing control charts usage of operational measures (Sep 2017)
Anna Ericsson Öberg , Peter Hammersberg , Anders Fundin
Measuring Business Excellence (MBE)

Management of Service Level Agreements for Cloud Services in IoT: A Systematic Mapping Study (Aug 2017)
Saad Mubeen, Sara Abbaspour Asadollah, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Mohammad Ashjaei, Hongyu Pei-Breivold, Moris Behnam
Journal of IEEE Access (ACCESS'17)

Challenges in managing new product introduction projects: An explorative case study (Aug 2017)
Koteshwar Chirumalla
21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED17)

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