TRUST-SOS - TRUSTed Site Optimisation Solutions



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In the project TRUST–SOS, we are developing digitalized services to increase the level of trusted decision making to optimise overall site systems in off-road transport applications. Today, off-road sites and fleet operations involve a high degree of experience-based decision making to create the optimal usage of equipment and resources at the site and to reduce inefficiencies. Several stakeholders in the value chain, rely today on a few skilled persons for decision-making of these complex and dynamic sites and experienced-based understanding of the impact on different trade-offs. Further, several different systems need to be combined in one platform and the integration of different modules raises the issues of interoperability and applicability. Hence, there is a need to overcome the existing system inefficiencies and build a more reliable and trusted decision support system to reduce inefficiencies and manage complexity in the value chain in off-road applications.

Anas Fattouh, Senior Lecturer

Room: Campus Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 736 620 614