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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Kaikaku in production toward creating unique production systems
Yuji Yamamoto

Licentiate Thesis (1)

Kaikaku in production (2010)
Yuji Yamamoto

Book chapter (1)

Kaikaku in production in Japan: An analysis of Kaikaku in terms of ambidexterity (Jun 2017)
Yuji Yamamoto

Journal article (2)

Towards a perfect learning process: where is Sweden? (Oct 2016)
Yuji Yamamoto, Raine Isaksson , Rickard Garvare

Fundamental mindset that drives improvements towards lean production (Feb 2010)
Yuji Yamamoto, Monica Bellgran
Int J of Assembly Automation

Conference/Workshop Paper (9)

Development of methods that support exploration of simple and low-cost IoT-aided improvement solutions at manufacturing plants (Oct 2018)
Yuji Yamamoto, Kristian Sandström
The 2018 Annual Autumn Meeting of Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA)

Karakuri IoT – the concept and the result of pre-study (Sep 2018)
Yuji Yamamoto, Kristian Sandström
Proceedings Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXXIII (ICMR2018)

Need of understanding how to enhance innovation at early phases of production system development (Jan 2018)
Yuji Yamamoto
Participatory Innovation Conference 2018 (PIN-C 2018)

Proposal of a deliberate discovery-learning approach to building exploration capabilities in a manufacturing organization (Jun 2013)
Yuji Yamamoto
The 23rd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM'13)

Four types of manufacturing process innovation and their managerial concerns (May 2013)
Monica Bellgran, Yuji Yamamoto
Forty Sixth CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP)

Manufacturing process improvements using value adding process point approach (Apr 2013)
Monica Bellgran, Yuji Yamamoto
International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)

Production management infrastructure that enables production to be innovative (2009)
Monica Bellgran, Yuji Yamamoto
20th EurOMA conference Operations Management: At the Heart of Recovery (EurOMA 2013)

Guidelines for increasing skills in Kaizen shown by a Japanese TPS Expert at 6 Swedish Manufacturing Companies (2008)
Yuji Yamamoto, Monica Bellgran
The 18th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM 08)

Kaizen and Kaikaku– Recent challenges and support models (2008)
Monica Bellgran, Yuji Yamamoto, Mats Jackson
Swedish Production Symposium 2008 (SPS 2008)

Other (1)

Kaikaku - En inspiration och introduktion (Dec 2010)
Yuji Yamamoto, Monica Bellgran, Mats Jackson, Mats Åhgren

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