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Journal article (3)

Management of environmentally driven change projects (Sep 2016)
Anna Sannö, Sasha Shahbazi, Carin Ström , Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin
International Journal of Sustainable Economy (IJSE)

Drivers for implementing environmental requirements - an international explorative study within manufacturing (Jul 2015)
Anna Sannö, Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin
Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management (JOSCM)

Cost of Poor Maintenance - A concept for maintenance improvement (Mar 2011)
Antti Salonen, Mats Deleryd
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

Newness analysis - an approach to quality assurance in production system development (Jun 2016)
Joel Schedin, Mats Jackson, Mats Deleryd
23rd EurOMA conference (EUROMA 2016)

Implications of environmental requirements - change processes in production systems (Jul 2013)
Anna Sannö, Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin
22nd International Conference on Production Research (ICPR22)

Integrating Quality and Maintenance Development – Opportunities and Implications (2010)
Marcus Bengtsson, Anders Fundin, Mats Deleryd, Antti Salonen, Peter Funk, Carina Söderlund, Hassan Qureshi
Congress Proceedings of COMADEM 2013, International Congress of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Engineering Management (COMADEM 2013)

Manuscript (1)

Managing trade-offs when introducing environmental technological change
Anna Sannö, Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin

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