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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Improving project performance in product development (Mar 2015)
Catarina Bojesson

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

Exploring tensions between creativity and control in product development projects. (Jul 2015)
Catarina Bojesson, Tomas Backström, Erik Bjurström
International Conference on Engineering Design 2015 (ICED15)

Rethinking effectiveness: Addressing managerial paradoxes by using a process perspective on effectiveness (Jun 2014)
Catarina Bojesson, Mats Jackson, Anette Strömberg
The 21st EurOMA Conference (EurOMA 2014)

Linking development efficiency, effectiveness, and process improvements (May 2014)
Catarina Bojesson, Mats Jackson
Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering 2014 (TMCE 2014)

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