Product and Production Development


The Product and Production development research group creates knowledge on the renewal and development of products and production systems. The research is based on an integrated development where many stakeholders' and time perspectives are balanced. 

The research concerns the design, operations and improvement of the processes for product and production development. A major part of the research performed within the Product and Production Development research group focuses Design and Operations of the Production System where the product is realized. The production system comprises components like premises, humans, machines, equipment and software/ICT implying the need for a holistic view when designing and operating the system.   

Key themes within the group are:

  • Production Systems Development and Industrialization. Processes, information and communication for innovation, development and improvement of flexible production systems, aligned with product development. 
  • Sustainable product development and production. Methods and tools, organization and processes to develop products with low environmental impact that contributes to economic benefit. System analysis and description models of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable production systems.
  • Digitisation, automation and technologies. Exploitation and adoption of next-generation technologies in the production environment.
First NameLast NameTitle
Ali Rastegari Doctoral student
Anders Fundin Professor
Anders Hellström Lecturer
Anna Bird Project Manager
Anna Granlund Senior Lecturer
Anna Sannö Doctoral student
Antti Salonen Senior Lecturer
Bhanoday Reddy Vemula Doctoral student
Björn Fagerström Adjunct Professor,Professor
Carin Rösiö Post Doc
Catarina Bojesson Doctoral student
Christer Osterman Doctoral student
Christina Jönsson
Daniel Gåsvaer Doctoral student
Erik Flores-García Doctoral student
Erik Hellström Project Manager,Research Engineer/Technician
Farhad Norouzilame Doctoral student,Industrial Doctoral Student
Filip Flankegård Doctoral student
Fredrik Ore Doctoral student
Glenn Johansson Professor
Jessica Bruch Professor
Joel Schedin Doctoral student
Koteshwar Chirumalla Researcher,Senior Lecturer
Lina Stålberg Doctoral student
Magnus Wiktorsson Visiting Professor
Marcus Bengtsson Researcher
Marcus Bjelkemyr Lecturer
Mariam Nafisi Doctoral student
Martin Kurdve Post Doc
Mats Ahlskog Doctoral student
Mats Deleryd Professor
Mats Jackson Professor
Mikael Hedelind Doctoral student
Mohammed Salloum Post Doc
Mohsin Raza Doctoral student
Monica Bellgran Professor
Narges Asadi Doctoral student
Natalia Svensson Harari Doctoral student
Niklas Friedler Doctoral student,Lecturer
Peter Sjögren Doctoral student
Ragnar Tengstrand Senior Lecturer
Sasha Shahbazi Doctoral student,Research Assistant
Siavash Javadi Doctoral student
Staffan Andersson Doctoral student
Sten Grahn Research project manager,Researcher,Senior Lecturer
Victor Azamfirei Doctoral student
Viktoria Badasjane Research Assistant
Yuji Yamamoto Post Doc
Project TitleStatus
Accelerating Innovation at the Fuzzy Front-End of Production System Development active
AUTOMAD:AUTOnomous Decision Making in Industry 4.0 using MAchine Learning and Data Analytics active
CIMMREC - Circular Models for Mixed and Multi Material Recycling in Manufacturing active
COPE: Core Plant Excellence active
Dataanalys inom underhållsplanering active
INNOFACTURE - innovative manufacturing development active
Karakuri IoT step 2 active
makeITrail - Digital innovation for railway production value chains active
MITC - Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center active
Organizing Experience Feedback Loops for Production Innovation (FeedInn) active
PADME - Process Automation for Discrete Manufacturing Excellence active
PREMIUM - Professional Education for Manufacturing Innovation active
Produktionslyftet Östra Mellansverige active
SIMMILAR: Systems-of-Systems for Intelligent Manufacturing Maintenance using Industry 4.0, Lean, AI Reasoning active
XPRES - Excellence in Production Research active
Development of the master program Innovation & Design finished
EQUIP: User-Supplier integration in production equipment design finished
ETTRIG - Electric Towbarless Tractor with Range Extender and InteGrated charger finished
Flaggskeppsfabriken finished
Follow-up research at Research School Innofacture finished
Green Production Systems finished
IDEA - InterDisciplinary Education Agenda finished
Increased collaboration - Stärkt samverkan finished
Kaikaku finished
Karakuri IoT finished
Large scale production of mixed material products finished
LEAD - Lean Automation Development finished
Lean and Green Production Navigator finished
Lean Automation Business - within SIO PiiA finished
MEMIMAN - Material Efficiency Management in Manufacturing finished
Modular Lightweight Robotics finished
ProDrive finished
PROLOC - Manufacturing Footprint during the Product´s Life Cycle finished
Reducing maintenance-related waste finished
Strategic Mobility Scania finished
Strategic Production Development finished
SUnT- Strategisk underhållsutveckling i tillverkningsindustrin finished
SuRe BPMS - Sustainable and Resource Efficient Business Performance Measurement Systems finished
Sustainable production of alcohol sensors finished
Water in a Box finished

Glenn Johansson , Professor

Room: L363
Phone: 016-153638

Jessica Bruch, Professor

Room: L328C
Phone: +46 (0)16 153219