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Journal article (1)

Managing crisis: a qualitative lens on the aftermath of entrepreneurial failure (Apr 2020)
Adesuwa Omorede
International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (IEMJ)

Conference/Workshop Paper (6)

The Entrepreneur in Crisis: A Qualitative Lens on how Entrepreneurs Manage Failure (Sep 2019)
Adesuwa Omorede
European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ECIE)

Nurturing My Satisfaction: Social Entrepreneurs and Their Benefits as Role Models (Jun 2019)
Adesuwa Omorede
European Academy of Management (EURAM)

Innovative Technologies Shaping Lives of Men and Women in Nigeria (Sep 2018)
Adesuwa Omorede
Nordic African Days (NAD)

Migrant Entrepreneurs and Their Spark for Entrepreneurial Exploration (Aug 2018)
Karin Axelsson, Adesuwa Omorede

The Affective Motivation of Women Miners in Ghana (Aug 2018)
Adesuwa Omorede, Rufai Haruna Kilu

To Exist Or To Persist: Exploring The Entrepreneurial Phases For Immigrant Entrepreneurs (May 2018)
Adesuwa Omorede, Karin Axelsson
Nordic Conference on Small Business Research Conference (NCSB)

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